Neutralizer Re-fill Instructions - Fleck heads with fill port & up flow units using calcium (AN or MO)

1. Turn by-pass lever on the back of the head to "by pass" to stop water coming into the unit.

2. Turn the knob clockwise (or as indicated) to the 1st position which says "Start BW". This releases the pressure. Unplug the unit to keep from advancing cycle.

3. Remove the fill plug on the side of the tank accessing the fill port.

4. Use a siphon hose to siphon water out (approximately 5 gallons of water or more for larger units).

5. Use a funnel or other apparatus to add teh mineral to the tank through the fill port. When using MO (Calcium with Magnesium Oxide) and AN (Calcium) there is no specific order of which goes in first.

6. Fill the unit to 14" BELOW the fill port. Never exceed 14" freeboard. Overfilling can cause the unit to siphon and purge all the mineral out the backwash pipe during the backwash cycle. This can damage the head internally.

7. Open the by-pass lever towards the word service (or inlet pipe only if that is what you have turned off) and all the water to partially fill the tank with the fill plug OUT. Allow the water level inside the tank to get to the threaded area where the fill plug goes. Use the water to clean the threads. Reinstall the fill plug hand tighten ONLY. Over tightening can cause the fill port threads to crack. Use water proof grease, teflon tape or dope on NON o-ring style plugs as needed.

WRF Neutralizer Fill Instructions

8. Make sure the valves or bypass are back in normal operating position. Plug the unit back in and reset the time as needed. The unit will finish backwashing. The backwash water may be milky or cloudy coming out the discharge pipe. The unit will be backwashing for approximately 1 1/2 hours and you should not use water during this time. For "Upflow" units omit all timer commands and settings and rinse the residue out of a faucet.


You need calcium-AN for raw pH 6 to 7 & AN/MO for raw pH below 6. NEVER USE "SALTS".

Fill your unit annually & Dump & Fill your unit every 5 years. If dumping a new gravel base is required first.

These steps are meant to be helpful tips & in no way replace what the manufacturers instructions are for your unit.

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